Hi, my name is Carolin. I’m a Transformation Coach.

Transformation happens when our inner world and our actions lead to new possibilities. This is even true when we act on organizational scale. Sometimes we get trapped in our habits and create routines rather than daring action, which is the ultimate competitive advantage today. Just imagine the possibilities of stepping into greatness and create from there.



My services include …

For Organizations and teams

Work is shifting and excellent talent will define the future of organizations. Having individuals in right jobs and teams that perform in place is crucial to survive fast pace competition. Creating high-performance impact and make it visible is the service you can expect from me. To help your organization to succeed in a fast changing environment I offer my service as both:

  • HR Business Partner on demand and
  • Facilitator and Coach for Management Team Workshops

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For Individuals

What I want for you that you can embrace and live your potential and lean into a job that values your talents and passions. Based on my experience I provide coaching packages providing yourself support in;

  • Coaching on demand for re-adjusting your career via Book-A-Coach
  • Coaching for newly appointed managers (first 100 days)

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For the better

Creating workshops that are creating new line of energy and thought for more connection and authentic relationships and human organizations; here are some examples:

Practitioner Group:
“Teal for Teal” Practitioner Group in Zurich (2015)

Talks for students:
Young Chinese Association of ETH Zurich “How to create an authentic career”

Free Afterwork-Workshop-Series:
For everyone who can’t afford a personal coach,
such as small business owners, mothers in transition, art professionals


My background

If you want to get more insight in my experience and background, please find me on LinkedIn.


My qualification

I am a certified and accredited coaching professional, who follows the code of ethics of the International Coach Federation.